Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mesa Arch

Not pictured: My children, scowling at me because I really wanted to hike in the snow. (It was short--maybe 1/4 mile one way.) Then I got a photo of them smiling, because it was so totally worth it. Husband is beaming in both images, taken in Canyonlands National Park.

These will enlarge with a click.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. These are excellent JoLynne. What a beautiful place.

  2. These photos made my day, Jolynne! Amazing place, wow

  3. These are so worth the quarter of a mile effort :-) What makes it for me is that they are highlighted by the snow.


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Emails from home

Most of our email is pretty mundane. Once in a while, though, the immediate flavor of country life sings amid the shopping lists and communications to the office. Here are some stored on our home computer, written by people in our house and edited for privacy.

Some of the terms are softened for a family audience, but not by much.

Your evil kitty just woke up your son by urping up a mouse on his lion blankie.

You know you live in a small town when…

...Fifty-year old people born and raised in town are ‘new comers’.

...You are more afraid of locking yourself out of your house than of being robbed.

...The library has a different schedule on every day of the week.

...You are darn proud that your town has a library. Incidentally, your library account is handled not by a card but by a number that the librarian types into her computer. You have trouble remembering it, but the librarian can always tell you what it is.

...You can honestly say, "The Mayor is in front of the house fixing his manure spreader."

Good news: We caught another mouse.

Bad news: We have at least one more.

Good news: He must be hungry and he thinks of traps as a food source, since he robbed the bait of an un-sprung trap, finished the bait of the sprung one, and ate an eye from his dead brother.

Hope you're done with breakfast.